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When a man and a woman have anal sex and the woman proceeds to excrete onto the mans penis, the women then sucks the excretion off of the mans penis...
Hey give us a grimjob...make sure its nice and creamy though...

TD Xx PiLLoW: Dont worry i will, and i wont miss because ill hard aim

TD xX EP1C : WOW!! Tastes like Marmite...

by Taylor Westicle February 09, 2009
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1. The name for a person who has a Mohawk and comes from Leeds
2. The name for a person who acts like a twat to his mates
3. An adjective for a really bad rim job
1. "What time is it Grim Job?"
"Ten -tut- three!"
2. I'm off now, I'm not gonna stick around after my lectures
3. You farted!!
by Tevage November 10, 2008
1. A gassy rimjob.
2. A rimjob performed under less-than-favorable conditions.
Boy: "Hey babe, can you give me a rimjob?"
Girl: "But you had a burrito about an hour ago."
Boy: "I promise I won't fart."
Girl: "Fine."
*Proceeds to start rimjob*
*Boy farts... loudly...*
*Girl looks up*
Girl: "I can't believe I got talked into a grimjob."
by el JC January 17, 2008

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