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When you open a vagina up and it looks like a grilled cheese sandwich. Also if it is an old lady pussy or an abused/extremely used pussy. This is something I hope you guys don't look for in a woman, but if you do, I give props to you and your a sick person.
Person #1: Jimmy's mom has the warmest grilled cheese sandwich I ever tasted.

Person #2: Dude you are disgusting, I don't care how nice her ass or titties are, it all depends on the sandwich.
by Pavelski8 May 11, 2008
a very good snack that takes a slice of cheese between two bread slices, then cooked until the cheese is melted.
"I cooked a Grilled Cheese Sandwich yesterday when i was hungary."
by Kevin March 10, 2004
A funky gross pussy that just isnt right when you open it up.
Yeah i was gonna go down on your grandma last night but it was like opening up a grilled cheese sandwich.
by R.B.Q. January 09, 2003
A folded piece of paper used as a receptacle for semen when no better option is available.
Adding tissues to his mental shopping list, Shmoolie gingerly placed his fresh grilled cheese sandwich to the bottom of the trash.
by jeromino111 January 14, 2011
the pulling apart of either an old or highly used pussy.
I spread her grilled cheese sandwich and to my surprise i found a waffle.
by Rhyno June 06, 2003
Occurs when a man is giving a woman oral, and places a slice of cheese on a woman's vagina, lets it melt, and proceeds to eat the cheese off.
Dale: You ever have a grilled cheese sandwich?
Brennan: Like the food?
Dale: No the position
by BenEpps March 02, 2010
a beautiful creation of art. two perfectly toasted slices of buttered bread hugging a mouth-watering slice(s) of mozarella, provolone, or american cheese. kill em.
*A mysterious item of food is placed in front of the couple for their late lunch, instead of what they ordered. The man pops a boner as they instagram filterless photos of the beauty. "What is this?" the woman weeps, being blinded by the gorgeousness and deliciousness of the food item. The waitress comes around the corner with a halo as she and the gospel choir sing "grilled cheese sandwich" in perfect harmony to the awing couple.*
by famedrugstwitter October 13, 2013
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