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7 definitions by Rhyno

The proverbial "shaft" or "johnson" of Bozilas. A phallic device used for copulation/fornication. A flesh cudgel used as a sex blunt.
She was suckin on my one eyed purple yogurt slinger last night man.
by Rhyno February 13, 2004
the process of taking a monstrous shit causing severe rectal pain and bloodiness and missing the bowl/urinal
man, i had to run to the can to drop a mulville
by rhyno June 09, 2003
when you go out in a car in a quest to cause damage to other people's property, namely a mailbox
lets go for an el destructo tour to knobby's mailbox
by Rhyno June 06, 2003
to have sex willingly with a limp dick
man i rumpelforeskinned her good last night
by Rhyno June 06, 2003
to describe when something isnt going anywhere and it has no potential to improve in life
Mang, hows the party so far?

This party's going Ho-where
by Rhyno June 06, 2003
the pulling apart of either an old or highly used pussy.
I spread her grilled cheese sandwich and to my surprise i found a waffle.
by Rhyno June 06, 2003
a person with a father of chinese origin
check out that niza, his girlfriend has big asian breasts ala-phil loubier
by Rhyno June 06, 2003