People who interview strangers at parties, weddings, and social events moments after meeting them.
Griffins reveal little about themselves but quickly propel a rapid fire of question to whomever is the subject of their attention.
Top Definition
A really hilarious guy who can make you laugh at any cost. Is very sarcastic, but sweet on the inside;he may be immature at times.
I cant be around Griffin without laughing!
by ApparentlyGypsy February 26, 2009
A boy that you will fall in love with instantly, he is compassionate, shows you he cares. Is amazing, loves you for you. Will talk to you all night just because he wants to make sure your asleep before he is. Who will always make you laugh. Is very smart. A perfect gentlemen. Like a prince, in a fairlytale. That you just hope is in your happy ending.
I love you Griffin.
by CeeCeeDay. August 26, 2009
A boy who makes your heart beat like crazy. Nice, smart, hawt, and sweet. But don't judge him by his name, he can't break your heart but he can make a crack. Not a small one, not a big on. A deep one.
The sad thing is, we weren't even together and he still was my Griffin.
by Alegrita January 02, 2009
A mythical creature combining two animals. The front half being an eagle, and the back half, a lion.
Gargoiles, and Griffins.
by C'lyn May 08, 2006
A combo between an eagle and a lion. Think for a second...what was the ONE weakness that lions have? They can't fly. Griffin's are like...the most dangerous animals ever. Def better than some weakass dragon.
That Griffin just ripped a fuckin plane outta the sky!
by thuglifeGQ March 11, 2009
A warm, sweet, funny guy that will draw you in automatically. He is adorable, with a contagious laugh. Griffins are the kind of person you would want to have a loving, long romantic relationship with. One that doesn't want to makeup with you- but cuddle. He is very sensitive and caring. He is the perfect guy
He is like a Griffin!

I love Griffin.
by BOBBY_1213 January 21, 2011
an all-around great guy. He is smart, hilarious, athletic, and just not afraid to be himself. He is one of those guys who just make you warm up inside, and the person you love to hang with. Griffin lights up the occasion, and shows you how to have a good time. He really does care about you, even though he might not show it at times, and be nice because he is very sensitive too. You will see Griffin famous either being an athlete or an actor.
Oh! I love Griffin Too!!!!
by Mr.Griffin March 25, 2011
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