The sexiest motha ever. Such a babe and so hot. 10/10 would bang.
Griffin was so great last night.
by this is not a joke January 26, 2015
People who interview strangers at parties, weddings, and social events moments after meeting them.
Griffins reveal little about themselves but quickly propel a rapid fire of question to whomever is the subject of their attention.
An amazing sexy hunky guy
wow look at that guy he is a Griffin
by Hibitches25 February 27, 2016
A mythical creature that resembles a lion shoved up an eagle's ass.
Do you know about the mythical creature called a "Griffin"?
by 13AwesomeTrick37 April 02, 2010
can be used as a girl name; griffin in an amazing girl who almost every one likes at one point. She is very experienced in dating and is sure to treat you with nothing but the best. If you happen to be her friend, you can count on her having your back. Griffin is an over all amazing girl.
I love griffin! Shes so hot and funny!
by Mike at maple June 17, 2011
The sexual act of spraying whip cream on a vagina then gently but forcefully fist the vagina
"Yo Jeff! I griffined the fuck out of Samantha last night"
by sexslave126 September 17, 2015
1) A person of more than one ethnic background; often seen as the dominant ethnicity.

2) Someone who my wears mixed colors.
Yo, did you see that girl, she looks like a griffin?
Yeah kid that's a true griffin.
by Dr.Define May 17, 2014
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