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1) A person of more than one ethnic background; often seen as the dominant ethnicity.

2) Someone who my wears mixed colors.
Yo, did you see that girl, she looks like a griffin?
Yeah kid that's a true griffin.
by Dr.Define May 17, 2014
A town 40 miles south of Atlanta. Griffin is ridden with asshole hipsters that like to hang in the coffee shop known as Safehouse. Griffin is known for its drugs, striking racism and rich and preppy white people. I do not recommend visiting this town ever, unless you would like to be reminded how much your town doesn't suck. The only people who actually enjoy this "hell hole" are rich white people who were obviously dropped on their head as a young child. Don't ever visit this town, once you drive through it you'll realize you probably shouldn't get out of the car or you might get shot. It definitely isn't a place you want to call home.
"I hate this town, I can't wait to leave Griffin and make something of my life."
by Someone that hates griffin June 07, 2013
(Dialect- Mid-Atlantic) Verb; 1) To leave a half-finished beer on a shelf or table and then to open another one. 2) To open another beer without finishing the last one. (Usually at a party, usually at someone else's house)

Adj; Describes a half-finished beer forgotten and left sitting on a shelf or table, usually at someone else's house.
Dude- who griffined this beer?

The next moring my house was full of cigarette butts and griffined beers.
by Dr.Grinch May 01, 2012
can be used as a girl name; griffin in an amazing girl who almost every one likes at one point. She is very experienced in dating and is sure to treat you with nothing but the best. If you happen to be her friend, you can count on her having your back. Griffin is an over all amazing girl.
I love griffin! Shes so hot and funny!
by Mike at maple June 17, 2011
A moderately-sized shithole of a town located in central Georgia. Known for its high teen pregnancy rate, rich snobby white people, and striking racism, it is not a city in which one would voluntarily visit.
"Dude, I finally moved out of Griffin! I'm going to do something with my life now!"

"Nice bro! Griffin is definitely not a place I want to live."
by JeffyJ December 24, 2012
A haircut combining a faux hawk on top and a pony tail in the rear.
Dude! Did you see Andrew is rockin' a griffin now?!?!
by LookAtThisTinyHorse November 01, 2011
Slang for female genitalia.
Suits: That lass I slept with last night had a fantastic Griffin
by TRO-man June 24, 2011