A haircut combining a faux hawk on top and a pony tail in the rear.
Dude! Did you see Andrew is rockin' a griffin now?!?!
by LookAtThisTinyHorse November 01, 2011
A mythical creature that resembles a lion shoved up an eagle's ass.
Do you know about the mythical creature called a "Griffin"?
by 13AwesomeTrick37 April 02, 2010
Slang for female genitalia.
Suits: That lass I slept with last night had a fantastic Griffin
by TRO-man June 24, 2011
Griffin: expletive of the adjective form. Originated by the reversal of the "F" and "G" sounds in "friggin," which is itself derived from "fricking," a tamed version of "fucking."

Some etymologists have contended that the origins of the term "griffin" allow for the noun/verb form of "griff" (as in, 'I will griff the griff outta you for this grievous offense!') to be used. Those etymologists have been informed that such usage would sound stupid.
"Dude, your mom is griffin hot!"
"No, don't put that in all of my holes, you griffin idiot!"
"My griffin boss made me work late, that's why I missed the conception of our child."

fucking fricking fuck damn friggin
by Hubris-Man September 05, 2011
Main Entry: griffin' \ˈgri-fen\
Variants: griffing

Function: Verb
Etymology: Urban English
Date: 20th/21st century

1: Blurting random nonsense i.e. Peter Griffin
2: Making a ridiculously irrelevant yet funny comment
(Gazing at the computer screen in his office)
VK: I just got nerf batted
OO: Stop griffin' brah

(Peter Griffin just having found out his son Chris is in love with his teacher Mrs. Lockheart)
Peter: Whooaa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Lois, this is not my Batman Glass.
by HypA January 03, 2008
Griffins are creatures that grow hobo beards. You'll know you see a Griffin if they are stoned and have pubic hair on their chin. Griffin is a deceitful creature. They have a sharp sense of smell, which is devloped through years of body odor from not showering. A Griffin's eyes are peircing, like snake eyes. Some believe they can see through your soul. Recent studies have proven that Griffins only think they can see through your soul. If you find a Griffin, you shouldn't approach it. If it approaches you, don't make sudden movements. A Griffin is unathletic, skinny, and pale. You can usually outrun them if you run in zig-zags. Griffins dress very metro. They take pictures in front of Chino.
Todd: That guy is such a Griffin. No wonder his skin is translucent and he is all alone in EB games.

Bill: Don't say his name too loud or he'll become paranoid and self-conscience.
by Clay Topper October 20, 2009
to refuse to move, especially in the face of fierce opposition
I told Jeff that I wasn't going to give him a ride home no matter what but he simply plopped himself in the passenger seat and decided to griffin until I took him home.
by ledzeppelinkicksass1 September 08, 2010

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