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The offspring of a mulatto and either a black or an American Indian.
"The nurse, a comfortable looking Griffe woman in white apron and cap, was urging Edna to return to her bedroom."

(The Awakening, by Kate Chopin)
by YAMuffin February 02, 2006
A griffe is someone of mixed Black African and Native Americans heritage. A lot of times we get confused with the Mulattos. But we are not Mulatto!
Hasapa hemacha/Lakhota.
"That boy's a proud Griffe!"
"No, he's Mulatto!"
"Oh, I thought they were the same?"
by Quickdraw 22-12 December 03, 2004
a black person who is partially or half native american. (Has nothing to do with being mulatto)
I am a griffe.

A lot of african americans are griffes.
by kandygrl7 July 02, 2009
a fat moran that thinks he is a drug dealer.
That fat fuck is such a griffes.
by ilikeweiner June 05, 2009

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