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The offspring of a mulatto and either a black or an American Indian.
"The nurse, a comfortable looking Griffe woman in white apron and cap, was urging Edna to return to her bedroom."

(The Awakening, by Kate Chopin)
by YAMuffin February 02, 2006
A term of endearment used to describe someone you wish to snuggle with.
To LL, my snuggle thing:
I love you so much. Will you marry me?
- GW, your snuggle thing
by YAMuffin March 30, 2006
v. - To be grouchy enough to warrant a walk to the nearest Wendy's and have your friends buy you a Frosty in an attempt to help you feel better. Usually displayed by pouty chipmunk cheeks.
Look at Nick's pouty chipmunk cheeks. He's gonna need a Frosty after the football game.
by YAMuffin October 17, 2005

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