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a girl who only dates rich guys and guys who have a massive bank account. A girl who only dates rich guys for their money and nothing else.
She's only dating him for his money. She's such a gold digger.
by kandygrl7 July 02, 2009
what a guy is if he's 5'6 or under and what a woman is if she's 5'3 or under.
Natalie is only 5'0 tall. She's short.
by kandygrl7 July 02, 2009
Women who have sex for money at night are ladies of the night.
by kandygrl7 July 02, 2009
a black person who is partially or half native american. (Has nothing to do with being mulatto)
I am a griffe.

A lot of african americans are griffes.
by kandygrl7 July 02, 2009
A girl who has sex with a lot of guys. A whore/ho.
Lisa: "Damn. She just had sex with Jojo last night and now she's all up on Robert."

Nina: "Girl. Why r u acting so suprised? U know she's a scrape.
by Kandygrl7 March 20, 2010
Cool ; impressive
Emily is boss.

That skateboard trick was boss!
by Kandygrl7 June 26, 2009
being of majority black and only part french ancestry.
Beyonce and Solange Knowles are creole.

Lil wayne is creole.
by kandygrl7 June 30, 2009

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