1) A popular medical drama wherein all major characters either

a- die

b- are critically injured

c- make abrupt and nonsensical decisions about their love lives and careers

2) Something you hate to love
"So what happened on the last episode of grey's anatomy?"

"The usual. Patients survived and doctors died."
by yoyo honey singh November 04, 2012
The reason how my brother passed his interview for his pre-med course.
Hey, buddy! Did you watch Grey's Anatomy last night?
by xoxolilylovesyouxoxo May 03, 2007
A medical-fetish orgy. In which 35 year olds posing as 22 year old interns take it in turns to have sex with each other.
Grey's anatomy takes the form of bold and the beautiful whilst posing as a medical drama.
by starky August 03, 2007
Grey's Anatomy is only the best show ever...sometimes I think about becoming a doctor only in the hopes that I get to sleep with my super hot attending physician..or even a fellow intern
Grey's Anatomy, I want to study their anatomy.
Meredith Gray and Derek Shepard
Christina Yang and Preston Burke

the incredibley hot Mark Sloan

Alex Karev....*sigh* the hotness goes on and on

by Doctor Rhonda April 26, 2007
1)A TV medical-drama classified under the group crap. It's insufferably idiotic characters and vague plot lines leave any viewer with a rare case of typhus. And instead of curing any patients they have sex in janitorial closets and talk about their relationships. The only known cure is a power outage. Final verdict: Suicide is not only an option; it is endorsed.

2) The act of having sex or talking about your love life instead of doing something productive at the workplace.
1) Cause of death: suicide brought on by Grey's Anatomy.

2) Jim "Should I fix the photocopier?"
Susan "No, let's just pull a Gray's Anatomy."
by Michael Steamley May 24, 2008
A show that focuses on the love lives of doctors in a hospital. Extremely popular among teenyboppers.
Grey's anatomy is extremely popular among teenyboppers.
by Adrian December 22, 2006
A retarded rip-off to a similar retard show (Nip tuck). Grey's Anatomy has alot of episodes that involve BDSM relationship and Asiaphillic white and black men.
Grey's Anatomy is a dumb show, It's another half-assed soap opera that involve a hospital setting.
by The Harmeister March 23, 2007

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