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An Indo-Iranian, Punjabi tribe/caste of the of Jatt people; warriors and agriculturalists that are native to the Punjab region of the modern nations of Pakistan and India in South Asia. They are Muslim and Sikh in religion and of a powerful & landowning class.
Darshan Singh Grewal - Bollywood Film Director

Simi Grewal - Actress

Alexi Grewal - Olympic Athlete

Kartar Singh Sarabha Grewal - Indian Revolutionary, Freedom Fighter

Nina Grewal - Canadian Politician
by HistorianOfPunjab June 21, 2011
A indian Tribe that thinks it Knows everything and dosent. Also they tend to use other people for rides and other activites.
Person 1: OMG that Grewal is using me again...

Person 2: LOL they always do that stuff.
by scar39831 August 03, 2010
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