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Green (weed) that is fresh.
Snoop: Yo, Wiz you got that Gresh on deck?
Wiz: Yeah I got that Green right here...
Snoop: Yeah you know I love it loud and fresh, let me hit that.
Wiz: Yes'ir.
#green #weed #loud #fresh #snoop #wiz
by WEZ MIKE March 19, 2013
A notable, and oftentimes horrific, fecal event.


Twice in a day: Gresh 2 Electric Boogaloo
Thrice: Gresh Trick
Four or more: 4-Gresh, 5-Gresh (see a doctor in this case)
"Man, I just squashed off a nasty loaf of Gresh."
Doug: "Chili and Guinness last night bro!"

Phil: "Gresh 2 Electric Boogaloo for sure!"
#loaf #deuce #feces #assage #dung
by Spartacvs May 28, 2010
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