A character from the anime/manga Black Butler. (Kuroshitsuji in Japanese.) Grell Sutcliff is a Grim Reaper who is in love with the color red and turned out to be Jack the Ripper. He is also very gay, (a transvestite, really.) and appears to have a thing for men in suits. (Sebastian, William, the Undertaker, etc.) He also wields a chainsaw as a Death Scythe.

Completely normal.
Sebastian's day was completely normal until Grell decided to creepily stalk and take pictures of him.
by OneHellofaButler August 11, 2012
German word for something very cool, also used as a replacement for "krass" or "geil".
Die Tussi ist echt voll grell, alter.
by ZappoB July 16, 2009
A liquid substance consisting of semen, blood, and feces usually produced by making stanky anal love to a woman on her period then waiting for the wrongness to drip out. If one is impatient a straw may be used.
She woke up the next morning with a filthy puddle of grell forming underneath her anus.
by Trevor Clouse March 11, 2007

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