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German word for something very cool, also used as a replacement for "krass" or "geil".
Die Tussi ist echt voll grell, alter.
by ZappoB July 16, 2009
German word for the worst version of "noob", especially used for noobs, which are complete learn resistant.

If you told the noob (eg. in CS) three times NOT to jump in front of your sniper gun and he gets a headshot therefore and you are called as "teamkiller" (thanks to him), you call him "Kacknoob".
Du verdammter Kacknoob, ich hab dir schon tausendmal gesagt, dass...
(You damned Kacknoob, I told you a thousend times, not to...)
by ZappoB July 16, 2009
German word for gay, but also for "this sucks", if it is not related to persons.
Das Hemd ist total schwul!
(This shirt sucks!)
by ZappoB July 16, 2009

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