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Ultra amazing lad that is a sexy beast . Girls streaming his name anywhere he will go . Super powers that have never been seen before . Somebody who everyone wants to be. No girl can resist the awesomenis. He is iresistable
He is amazing , he's a greig
by Greig Stuart July 13, 2012
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Half man half cainine who has two wooden legs and barks like a dog when whistled upon. Drives around on a moped in circles, but enjoys himself none the less.
C'mon ya greig, get off the bike,it's late and you're waking the children.
by Kay Dee August 14, 2006
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term used for a person who wears a gimp suit permanently, no matter the weather.
Check that Greig tube in leather running round fearnslea again asking for smarties
by Patrick Duffy August 12, 2006
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