When you are arguing with a female and they bring up some silly shit that happened a long time ago. It isn't relevant to the argument but they think it is and on top of that they think they won. I call it green eggs and ham because it's like arguing with Dr. Seuss
Heather: I didn't drink your last beer!
Travis: Yes you did cause there gone what the fuck!
Heather: Well last year you didn't pick me up from work! Ha!
with that over she thinks she has won the argument and usually the guy is speechless or sayin What the fuck! GREEN EGGS AND HAM!
by ShootinD5nukes December 02, 2007
A man paints his nuts and butt cheeks green, and then sits on someones face, being sure to press both the nuts and the butt cheeks on their face.
Hey Mabel, get out the green paint and close your eyes, you're getting green eggs and ham!
by vecima October 02, 2006
1. A guy's first time he 'accidently' slips his cock into his girl's asshole while banging her doggie-style.

2. A guy's first time dry humping his boyfriend when his cock 'accidently' slips into his boyfriend's bunghole.

"Green" because he thinks he invented this ploy. Ham for her ass. A Dr. Seuss reference for all the parents in the world who can now read this story in a new light.
Susie Sweetbread was so wet, that while I was slapping my slender hips against her nubile hind end, when my tender young boner popped out of her twat and into her virgin stankhole, I didn't know we was making green eggs and ham till I looked down because she was a screaming for glory.
by fga February 07, 2005
Some friend and myself used this to refer to a group of white girls that ate lunch together in our High School Cafeteria.

We referred to them as green eggs and ham because they had sex with black guys.
A white female that has sex with a black guy. That is green eggs and ham.
by Mike Ockisard January 15, 2008
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