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To score in hockey. Originated from the green light that lights up when the puck crosses the goal line.
Markus Naslund crossed the puck passed the goal line, thus resulting in a goal. But because there's no hockey, no one even cares. Yay!
by McNigga April 05, 2005
A term used by a frustrated person who believes he/she can ask the help of a higher power to make a traffic light turn green for him/her. Originates from firemen who actually have the power to make the light turn green.
Green the fucking light!
by Street Urchin April 06, 2004
(Phrase can also be re-arranged)
to say "Light the Greens"
ay dog, I've been workin too hard, lets go light the greens.
by joshl6 April 07, 2005