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It is when you take a room in your house and cover the floor to the baseboard with painters plastic and pour out a gallon of olive oil, then get naked with your mate and fuck and slip and slip around the room.
"Dude last night me and my girl pulled a greek salad in our den"
by Cousineric April 07, 2010
When a man with an uncircumcised penis and a buildup of smegma (a.k.a. dick cheese) has anal sex with his partner and then tosses his or her salad afterwards. The combination of the tossed salad and the "feta" dick cheese gives you a Greek salad.
Chris and Charles enjoyed a delicious Greek salad last night.
by HMRR December 09, 2010
A salad from Greece that is the most popular of Greek salads and because tourists know only this Greek salad,the call it Greek salad like it's the only Greek salad.
It contains cuccumber,tomato,feta cheese,olives,oil,salt and perhaps oregon.
I've ordered a Greek salad,along with my souvlaki.
by Alithinos April 04, 2010
a hairy butthole
Look at the hair on that girls arms, I bet she has a greek salad.
by jdcopmgt June 11, 2010
when someone covers the toilet with inordinately large amounts of pubic hair in one sitting
I was in the mood to eat a greek salad for lunch but then I saw one in the urinal and got a Manwich instead.
by Effthis1906 August 25, 2010
The result of ejaculating semen into a partner's eyes.
"After she blew me, I gave the bitch a greek salad. I totally greeked her."
by Josh Dingus February 12, 2008
Performing analingus on a person who has just been anally creampied.
That four-dollar hooker even did a Greek Salad on the midget stripper! Man, I wish I got her name...
by scala5k May 17, 2005
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