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The act of fucking someone up the ass. An act usualy used in jail.
Did you hear... Jimmy greeked patty at pattys house the other day.
by mj July 07, 2004
disrespectful slang for lavaliered; usually used by low level practioners of lavaliering who are not in a fraternity.
"Hey dude I greeked this chick last night and she was SO PISSED. Hahaha. Good thing I didn't spend too much on her."
by Elric21 March 14, 2012
The act of being swindled by gypsy drifters (aka albino shape-shifting lizard bitches)
Those gypsy drifters sold me a bike with missing gears, I just got greeked.
by xant0s April 15, 2014
When, without your knowledge, someone has already posted a message to an internet message board that contains principally the same content as what you've just posted.
Agh! TrippinDude already posted the defintion of "doppel!"

I've been greeked!
by George Lucas November 07, 2003
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