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a male with an ego too big for his underdeveloped brain. this male never realises his negitive impact on the female kind. He will rarely ever realise how emotionally hurtful he is to the opposite sex. can be associated with any boy/man within the ages 14-18.
the guys in most middle schools are called grease by the girls.
by itvibrates June 21, 2004
one who has greasy forehead, usally gross
Sacz-your such a grease

Tammy- shut up sacz
by sacz69 January 11, 2008
To land an airplane extremely softly. An almost unnoticable touch-down.
Did you see that amazing landing? The pilot totally greased it.
a description of a foul action committed from one person to the other
yo that fool straight greased you when he stole your juice!
by tonefour March 25, 2007
To pay someone off in order to gain access to a restricted area, receive information or attain vip service.
The restaurant was jammed, so we had to grease the maitre d to get a table.
by Skyler Addison March 05, 2007
oily stuff most used for lubrication
frying chips with and the number one key to getting girls to be repulsed by your every movement (apart from bad BO) makes you want to physically hurl and cringe in fear as it emanates from someone or something just waiting to touch you and go 'bleerrrggghhhhh' while making you feel gross.
'omigosh i just silled on this pile of...*reads sign*...grease? huh...okay then'

'hey tina did you check out the geek with the glasses?'
'yeah i did michelle i bet his forehead is pitted with grease'
by danzarockz August 07, 2004
An informal term for a police officer. The term originated from cops being referred to as "pigs" which produce typically greasy foods.
"Yo, grease ran up in the spot and me and George dipped out."
by Trevor Morris August 18, 2007
in the sense of talking it not taking one.
Yo he was talking mad grease.
by Rocoooo April 08, 2006