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a male with an ego too big for his underdeveloped brain. this male never realises his negitive impact on the female kind. He will rarely ever realise how emotionally hurtful he is to the opposite sex. can be associated with any boy/man within the ages 14-18.
the guys in most middle schools are called grease by the girls.
by itvibrates June 21, 2004
Cocaine in powder form
i just snorted some grease
by norb April 11, 2007
A good movie and hopefully with all of the remakes, this ain't one of them
I've got chills and there are multipling, and I'm losing control....Your the only one I want, Yes! You You You....The best musical song ever
by Who The Douce Are You? April 16, 2005
A rather amusing Broadway musical that was made into a movie of the same name starring John Travolta.
*bursts into a rousing rendition of 'Those Magic Changes'*
by The Almighty Mistress of Merr December 19, 2003
Difficulty, a hard time. If someone is giving you grease, they are making things unpleasant and difficult for you.
If they give you any grease about it, just tell them to come and see me.
by BrentHeigold July 15, 2012
1. To bump someone off.

2. A slimey substance worn in the hair of Pachucos.

3. The binding element of a Duck Ass haircut.
1. Vinnie the Wop didn't pay my bag man. Go grease him.

2. Oooh, look at that Pachuco! His hair has so much grease in it! I think I'm falling in love!

3. Elvis Presley knew just how much grease to put in his hair.
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 12, 2005
a ghetto word used for Black hair, or vaseline.
She is greasing her scalp. It is also a word used for Crisco, lard or cooking oil which is grease.
by Ladade March 30, 2014
Grease is when a girl's vagina produces more than enough lubrication during sex
Man I fucked Kayla and her shit grease
by Crazyizcrazy August 05, 2011