A sexual maneuver where you pinch a woman's clit between your index finder and thumb and gently yet quickly rub your fingers back and forth like a grasshopper rubs it's legs.
Bill: "did you get her off?"
John: "yeah, I gave her the grasshopper till she started chirping".
#sexual #moves #shocker #sex #kamasutra
by Anim8or123 April 11, 2011
A mexican or someone from mexico who hops the border to sell drugs, or weed(marijuana) in particular.
Dean: Yo where did you get this shit?
Ryan: This crazy dealer from Mexico, he was a grasshopper!
Dean: Aww yeah!
#weed #mexican #drug #drug dealer #druggy
by kbuzz September 23, 2010
Dumb little bugs who get off on jumping around in the grass in my back yard. They make really good eating when deep fried. They a good and tasty and crunchy source of vitamin C and various and sundry proteins. My cat likes them too though, so we fight over who can catch them the fastest.
I caught twenty grasshopper outside and deep fried the little mutha fucka bastards. I'm gone eat them now with a glass of prune juice.
#grass #hopper #good eating #jumpers #bitch bugs #snacks
by FancyPants1423 November 09, 2009
to lose control of a swing so that you're swinging wildly
Watchout! You're going grasshoppers and you'll hit something!
#swing #grasshopper #swing set #catywompus #cattywompus #wild
by Miko Monkey February 03, 2006
someone who is stoned (grass (another word for weed)) and drunk (hop) at the same time, which unleashed a special combination of the two.
billy went grasshopper at last nights party
#grasshopper #grass #hopper #weed #stoned #drunk #combination
by Artygan May 16, 2013
Smoking weed with a bunch of different groups without remaining loyal to a certain group that you enjoy smoking with, smoking just because that group has weed and you want to smoke even if you just did.
Marissa went to a party last night, like the grasshopper she is she smoked with her best friends, left them, smoked again with the guys, and again with the girls that were in the corner.
#weed #grass #match #marijuana #friends #party
by PotentiaLover April 12, 2011
Grasshopper is the equivalent to a hundred dollar note in Australian currency.
My mate slapped a grasshopper on the bar and brought a round.
#money #coin #note #currency #dollars
by Holden M. Caulfield December 30, 2005
grass: street term for giggle smoke a.k.a. weed

hopper: old 50's term for drug addict

grasshopper: someone addicted to marijuana
max the fatty fatty fat-ness is a grasshopper
by Johnny Potsmoke May 20, 2005
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