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To growl and roar with beastial vigor.
"Grar! I'm angry!"
"I want a kitty for more birthday! Grar!"
by Chelsea Sunitsch October 15, 2005
Some word that two idiots are arguing about on urbandictionary.
Bo: grar, grar is my word, back off hobag.
Daisey: grar, lair, even tho ur ass it hott, grar Grar grarRrrRRr1!!1!
by Cataphract_40 September 27, 2004
a word bo claims he owned first but really didn't xP....hes just jealous of my hot ass...xD...graRRrRr
grAr...better watch out boobs or ill get you
by mistress of gRar January 19, 2003
A word that is SHARED by Bo and Daisey. Although originally made by Bo, Daisey chose to own it herself. >_<
Grarrr, Bo owns this word...
Grarrr, obey me...
by Ninja Brick January 19, 2003
a word that daisey owns and bo can just kiss my ass but of course he won't cuz he don't got balls xP...just kidding~ hehehe........GRARRR~!~! gotta say it with passion..
grar i hate you...
grar i want you in bed baby..
grar your mine...
grar go away...
grar eh...
grar grar grar
by mistress of gRar January 19, 2003
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