a woman who coughs crazily and says "Sam. emma. and the other little girl. get upstairs for half an hour."
hey thats a granny eating chips
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
Name of a butt-ugly country hick woman who resembles a gay man (see bear). Voice sounds like a cat being killed with extreme prejudice. Sells herself as a prostitute-amazingly, men will actually pay for an "encounter" with her.
Granny's son got her grits one day...luckily he was gay!
by her ex (I actually married her!) September 25, 2003
a lady married to gramps its a rumor the bitch used to work with her
"u guys are brats"
by helly September 30, 2002
A dead leg which you thrust your knee into the side of someones thigh leaving them with an extreme dead leg, on the floor in pain or hobbling around like an old granny for the rest of the day
"I grannyed him and now he cant walk" "That granny was my best yet"
by N.A.K.A January 21, 2015

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