adj. Something that is really good at being what it is; a substitution for the underlying adjective.
"That girl is granny" (hot)
"This pie is granny" (tasty)
by HelloNasty January 03, 2009
Something old, outdated, or old fashioned. It can be used to describe a person, thing, action or idea.
You see your friend using a non-cordless phone, or a very old piece of technology. You would say :
"Dude, that's so granny." Or "You're such a granny."

Your mom tells you not to kiss on the first date: You go:
"Mom, that is so granny."

Your dad tell you to return the CD you bought because it had a couple harsh lyrics. You say:
" Dad, dont be such a granny."
by Margarita1996 October 25, 2011
a word defining how awesome something is....
So I saw a really nice car and had to tell the guy driving it, that it was granny! " Yo man, that car is fu*#ing Granny!!! "
by Priestchild July 26, 2009
living daylights,smashing the granny
see that chick there,look at her,mmmmm id smash the fucking granny out that lou i tell ya..
by leogets2007 September 27, 2006
Something grey/white and fluffy on top and smells of wee.
Two Friends sat on a bus:

Friend 1: Oh my god what is that smell!

Friend 2: Look behind you.

Friend 1: I'm moving to the back of the bus from a granny free area.
by d. lucas April 29, 2005
Another way of saying grandma/grandmother. The old woman who lives wif you and the only good thing comming out of her was your mum... and up until now you still can't figure out if that was a good thing or not...
Shut up grandma i heard you the first time.
by mysterious_writa September 26, 2004
a woman who coughs crazily and says "Sam. emma. and the other little girl. get upstairs for half an hour."
hey thats a granny eating chips
by Anonymous September 26, 2003

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