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to blatantly take one person's work and reproduce it for monetary gains without giving credit to the original creator of said work.

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Man, I saw your work at the convention, some other dude was selling it!

You've been granito'd!
by Monkeyb0y March 29, 2011
1 - An attempt to fraudulently pass off a piece of copied art as your own. Deliberately fooling people to believe a piece of work copied is one's own

2 - To pad a resume with so much detail and lies in hopes to pass it off as accurate and the truth.

3 - to be banned from attending any conventions due to illegal actions or just being a d-bag (see d-bag)

More information google - Rob Granito
Definition 1
Guy1: Want to buy this original art?
Guy2: Man that's obviously granito'd, you're not the original artist

Definition 2
Guy1: Hey review my esume for me.
Guy2: Dude, you've gratino'd this. You never worked with Bill Gates to make Windows, or worked with Steve Jobs, or programmed a day in your life.

Definition 3
Rob: Man I'd love to attend Comic-Con this year, but I've been gratino'd for trying to pass my fake and copied art as my original work.
by ComicFan April 13, 2011
Noun. A self-perpetuating lie that only gets bigger, more obvious, and more shameless every time it is exposed, like a Russian doll in reverse.
He changed the character names from Chinatown but kept the script. Then he said he was working with Jim Osz on a new Muppets project. Now this Granito says he's MY friend when I see him selling my books with his name on them?
by Thallian Gold April 12, 2011
To Copy or Steal without Permission; to imply that a work of art that someone else made is in fact one's own original work.
Joey otally Granitoed that picture of Spiderman from Alex Ross.
by G4RY March 29, 2011