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Getting raped in the butt by a plunger
Tom - "Dude, did you see Terry get grafted last night!?"
Berry - "No bro, thank god. That's terrible!"
by Kinnster April 19, 2011
"dirty" commonly used slang in various parts of england
my jeans are proper grafted
by ISR October 29, 2006
to steal , to nick , to rob , to scouse , to graft =)
i grafted this tv off the back off a lorry
by james brandon August 08, 2006
The point in time when a song or album is no longer so-so, and it is now playing non-stop on your itunes.
Hilton: Has the new Angels and Airwaves album had time to incubate?
Ian: Hells yes, that thing has grafted for sure.
by HIlton S. May 09, 2006