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Also one the famous headphone manufacturer.
Their products including SR-60 SR-80 SR-125 SR-225 SR-325 RS-2 RS-1.
They are in cooperative with the Alessandro Lab making their own ones like the well-known M1, M2 and M-Pro.
Alessandro M1 has a less sense of spatiality due to its open-to-air design.
by b4283 July 09, 2004
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I term used to describe your swag or personality, or just general self. Also a Synonym for Jock. Can be used in North New Jersey among a lot of other east coast areas. The origin of the term came from a male music artist named Hazi, but has been used for years. This particular artist just brought it back.
"Ayo Girl, Hop off my Grado"
by Hazi96 May 14, 2012
Something gross, cruddy, nasty, filthy, foul. Often used in combination with the word bodacious.

The spelling has been argued over for years, and other spellings include gradue, or gradu.
"It seems that you may have some bodacious grado on your shoe!"
by Alliemw December 28, 2008
underground jacuzzi at the Playboy Mansion, notorious for the high amount of sexual activity that goes on there.
What happens in the grado, stays in the grado.
by chillchick April 08, 2004

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