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Abbreviation of Free For All in FPS games.
One kind of game type that in a map(arena), the purpose is trying to get more frags(kills) as many as you can.
though FFA rocks, but i like CTF more
by b4283 July 11, 2004
Also one the famous headphone manufacturer.
Their products including SR-60 SR-80 SR-125 SR-225 SR-325 RS-2 RS-1.
They are in cooperative with the Alessandro Lab making their own ones like the well-known M1, M2 and M-Pro.
Alessandro M1 has a less sense of spatiality due to its open-to-air design.
by b4283 July 09, 2004
Addition of series of Animations that have already been played on the screen:

Macross (TV)
Macross the Movie
Macross 2010 flashback (MTV collection)
Macross II (TV)
Macross 7 (TV)
Macross 7: the Dynamite (TV)
Macross Plus (OVA)
Macross Plus The Movie
Macross Zero (OVA)
Macross Zero presents the most hot stuff air-fight that has never seen.
by b4283 July 09, 2004
A Austria manufacturer that makes ones of the most excellent audio equipment in the world, including headphones like K501 and K1000 and microphones.
A well-known example is that the live recording of the Bei-jing Turrandot concert was under the usage of AKG peofessioal mixers and microphones.
AKG K271S will be my next favorite headphone.
by b4283 July 09, 2004
A short for Mass Rapid Transit. Around the 97-98, the first subway system for Taiwan was built. That's how the subway are called in Taiwan. (though it's not always underground)
on MRT, it's not allowed to have food in there. Unbelievably Ridiculous.
by b4283 July 11, 2004
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