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The act of taking something that doesn't belong to you.
i.e. to be a " grabbler " or to have " grabbled " something that doesn't belong to you.
Why did you grabble all my Cheetohs, bitch?
by Blix76 May 02, 2011
The act of passing gas from one's mouth. This differs from traditional burping, as the gas must originate from below the duodenum to qualify as grabbling. This effect is usually attributed to an injury to or malformation of the GI tract, though some have been able to achieve this with practice.

Made famous by amateur professional wrestler Magnus Karlson (a.k.a. Mangas O'Huffy). In 2006, fictitious sports writer Rick Jones observed that "he grabbles hardest", in regards to Karlson.
Oh God, I've got a terrible case of the grabbles!

Good Heavens! That's no ordinary belch, that's a grabble! It smells awful!
by Marrow61 January 07, 2011
The action of groping someone whilst Fondling Various parts of the person

Grope + Fondle = Grabble
Joe went to grabble Jen, as she tried to sqwerm away from his wandering hands
by Sunshine-sama December 31, 2008

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