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The size of a woman's breasts and/or her buttocks.
"Damn, that girl's got bare grabbage!"
"Shame, there's not much grabbage on her"
by eFmyster March 27, 2008
The act of excessively grabbing in an arena of people which has connotations of physically grabbing someone in a way that implies physical interaction which may involve some sexual interaction.
Wow, look at the amount of women in here, let's go do some grabbage!
by MatBrite July 31, 2009
Excessive hair on a man's back that is long enough to allow his female companion for the evening to grab hold of it during a sexual encounter, adding to her tactile pleasure and excitment.
Lulu remarked to her friends the next morning that "Leon has some serious grabbage on his back; I think I pulled out a small chunk of hair during one furious moment."
by SorkaB April 08, 2010
A name of a track written by Lee Jackson for the Duke Nukem games by 3D Realms, the music itself has been done by diffrent people from Lee Jackson himself to Megadeth.
The word grabbage is a name of a music track or a compasition.
by meman October 23, 2007
Otherwise known as grubby images.
"Eugh, has some real grabbages!"
"He did this drawing and it looked like such a grabbage."
by RENEGATUS DOT COM November 05, 2003
to grab a girl's boobs or butt and feel

or to grab a guy's dick
man, i like to grabbage her boobs

guy: can i grabbage?
girl: not unless i get to also!!!
by the dork7777 June 04, 2007
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