a person that wishes to wear black, these people arnt sad or pethetic just willing to be different and like to stand out. they are ususally quite funny people. but you do get some sad pethetic attention seekers that go around slitting their wrist and pretending to be depressed
oh look there goes kaighley crocker with dan mead fucking little posers
by Morbid Angel November 26, 2004
Someone whos cool but doesnt have 2 wear black all the time...Only sometimes...and with color...
Jennifer is SUCH a gothic like oooooooooomigosh!
by Diana Stephens October 29, 2004
Suicidal, depressive, self-harming, anti-social, 'i want to kill myself', attention seeking beings.

4 out of 5 have suicidal visions, carve messages into their skin (can you say infection), bookmark rotten.com and ogrish.com websites, take prozac, and second look anyone who walks past them - they want to see if you are looking at them due to being attention seekers.

Usually unhealth in apperance (usually fat or skinny), pale skinned, walk like zombies and wear more makeup than britney spears at the mtv music awards.
attention seekers
by jam November 18, 2004
A "lifestyle" in which people want to be different from everyone else and show that they don't care what everyone else thinks.
They typically don black eyeshadow, dye their hair black, wear black clothing that makes you think "bondage" and act like they hate the entire world. Typically, not everyone. This way, they can act EXACTLY LIKE everyone else who claims they "want to be different and don't care what everyone else thinks.
Oh come on, we all know someone like that. Poor bastards just need a hug, is what they need.
by tiberius September 05, 2004
1. A "click" that tends to hate "preps".
Majority listen to Varying Types of Metal,and Punk. They Like to be free. They mostly wear Dark colors , mainly black, and dont like bright.. anything. Chains are common.

2. Era in Time (Dont have any info about the time era)
That Kid is Gothic.
by Abyss February 06, 2004
Gothics are a group a people who want to be non-conformists but then end up conforming to each other by acting and dressing the same. Gothics HATE jetskiing. If you put a goth in water that goth will have a violent reaction similar to that of a cat being placed in water. If you are gothic and don't believe me about the violent reaction, I strongly advise you not to try because you will become very upset when you get in that water!!!
"I HATE jetskiing" -Gothic kids
In a modern sense, refers to the culture primarily of teenagers that most directly opposes the pop culture, but also very much resembles it. Can be identified by teenagers whining about how nobody knows what it actually means to be goth, how goths are different than everybody else, and how they wear black but not because they worship the devil. Also indicative of a teenager or group of teenagers who is 'enlightened' or knows 'the truth,' which said group never actually elaborates upon.

More simply, a teenage culture designed to bring association to those who would otherwise have been shunned by popular culture. Also designed to attract attention and misunderstanding by those outside the culture, generating a false sense of infathomable superiority to the general 'unenlightened' public. Goths embrace philosophy, but only in the sense that a philosophy exist.
> Wow, I love ashton kutcher and lance bass.
> Inferior. You don't understand the black, bloody truth of the cosmos to which I have been plainly exposed. You should love Kurt Cobain and Trent Reznor instead.
by fearpi August 12, 2004
A stereotypical subculture resulting in the listening to heavy metal, wearing of dark clothes and pentagrams, and much imitation by posers.
Oh, wow, look at how dark her clothing is, she must be gothic. I wonder if that means, she's, like, a Satanist or something? See? She's wearing a pentagram!
by nathalsa October 29, 2004
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