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A blending of the vague clichés regarding blood, the color black, and holes of 'goth' music and the highly reptetitive chords and simple 'crash' drumming of punk into a new genre of audio entertainment, ranked slightly above rap in quality.

See shit.
> So I bought this new gothic-punk CD yesterday -
> How much did it cost?
> Got it for five cents at a garage sale.
> Man, you got ripped off.
by fearpi August 12, 2004
In a modern sense, refers to the culture primarily of teenagers that most directly opposes the pop culture, but also very much resembles it. Can be identified by teenagers whining about how nobody knows what it actually means to be goth, how goths are different than everybody else, and how they wear black but not because they worship the devil. Also indicative of a teenager or group of teenagers who is 'enlightened' or knows 'the truth,' which said group never actually elaborates upon.

More simply, a teenage culture designed to bring association to those who would otherwise have been shunned by popular culture. Also designed to attract attention and misunderstanding by those outside the culture, generating a false sense of infathomable superiority to the general 'unenlightened' public. Goths embrace philosophy, but only in the sense that a philosophy exist.
> Wow, I love ashton kutcher and lance bass.
> Inferior. You don't understand the black, bloody truth of the cosmos to which I have been plainly exposed. You should love Kurt Cobain and Trent Reznor instead.
by fearpi August 12, 2004
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