goths bad name people who are not like them they complain townies start on them when most townies dont give a fuck what culture we are in but no goths just take a no liking to us because we are diffrent if u look closely we are all not that diffrent
goths need to stop hating on townies they comlain its townies pikin fights whne its goths who have got the problem!!!!!!
by preachanlearn:) August 06, 2004
A culture that follows Wicca (belief of white magic etc), not satanists, they listen to industrial rave (or whatever you call it) or soft metal bands of which they think are heavy. They dont listen to death/black metal as people believe, people that listen to those genres are called metallers. Chavs think hippies, goths, emo's and metallers are all the same which is false. Goths wear alot of black, long leather coats and christian crosses on clothing or around their necks (sign of wicca as its an off shoot of catholic)
metallers - death metal, black metal, thrash metal
goth - industrial/metal rave, nu-metal
emo - emocore, hardcore (the least talented music)
by nick (metaller) March 20, 2007
a form of people who hate life and complaine WAY too much, they are the people who get beaten to within inchs of there life at satyricon conserts!
"if you cut your-self i hate you"


"ha ha ha, all of those guys are weak, ILL KILL UM"
by goth slayer August 10, 2005
A complete waste of space and decent oxygen that could be used 2 keep a rapist or a murderer alive. they are quite simply the lowest and most scum-like form of life to ever crawl out of marilyn manson's drugged up arsehole (otherwise known as his mouth). Goths have the confidence of pee wee herman at a PTA meeting. They are known for cutting every essential vein in their body and are 100% of the time in a state of depression. I beg you if you're not one of these god-awful satan lovers then please note that goth hunting season is still going strong. When you smell that ludicrous smell of BO and grunge sweat take out your pistols, take out ur aks and bust a bigger black hole in them than is in their heart. First to hang 10 goth heads from green day's nostril hairs gets a free CD and pie (CD subject to availibility, pies are in constant supply so don't delay)
Smell, depression, black lipstick, white blusher and black eyeliner and black make-up. SICK!
a freak who dresses up in black and listens to screamo to get attention
"damn that bitch is goth now? eww dawg"
by h34th3r March 24, 2007
pieces of shit who wear vampire capes, shop at hot topic, and listen to death metal. death metal is pure satanic bullshit and possesses them. I dont care if they like korn or iron maiden that stuff is fuckin awesome i listen to that but dont wear black and hang out at the oasis for 5 hours and play ddr. i hate any goth who really IS a goth, i hate anyone who dresses like a goth, i hate any 12 year old shit that tries to be gothic to be cool but they dont realize no one likes them. And every death metal band shud die a painful death with a rusty knife.
The members of Cannibal Corpse and their cover artist should die immediately. They are worthless masses of organic matter that spawned from incest.
by goths will die August 15, 2004
just twats, it's that simple.
wears bondage gear, expresses individuality through conforming to a subculture created by some shite 80's goth band from Birmingham, writes abhorrent poetry about their tortured bourgeois existence.
by passenger May 28, 2005

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