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A thing that is consider great or 'uber' specifically on an MMORPG, can be roxers boxers or roxors boxors or roxers boxers
or spelled with a Z instead of an S
"dude I pwned that noob"
"roxors boxors, lets raid GS"

'roxors boxors' could be 'roxors boxers'
by Prophint November 10, 2007
to make chronic, addictive, serious.
" I've chronicized my Bioshock habbit."
" all they need is a multiplayer, perhaps Bioshock 2?"
by Prophint November 13, 2007
A strike to the head with a Bowie knife or stiletto designed to open the skull and deliver either a stab, slash, or pry into the brain. Usually is delivered with the knife in a facing-down position (or held like dem assassins in dem killin movies in laymens terms.) Pronounced Go-THF
"Shut the fuck up before I kill you with a Gothe!"
by Prophint December 18, 2007
The opposite of " the N-word" or a word for white people
Stop being such a fuckin' quaz.
or. Stop Quazin' up the place.
by Prophint February 12, 2008
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