just twats, it's that simple.
wears bondage gear, expresses individuality through conforming to a subculture created by some shite 80's goth band from Birmingham, writes abhorrent poetry about their tortured bourgeois existence.
by passenger May 28, 2005
A person who believes he or she is expressing their individuality by dressing and behaving in the exact same way to others who call themselves 'goths', yet in fact they are just becoming another clone. Usual goth characteristics include:

Black clothes.
Black hair.
Long hair on males.
General dirtiness and scruffiness.
Usually inclined to attempting to write poetry.
Wearing of 'dog collars' around the neck.
Depression. (Either genuine or faked).
Listening to heavy rock music, usually that which involves screaming so the lyrics are incomprehensible.
The belief that these people are 'individuals', different from everyone else, even though they all conform to the same lifestyle and have the typical goth characteristics.
Goths are usually attention seekers.
I want to get noticed more by dressing and acting like a freak, yet still insisting I'm beautiful and different. I think I'll become a Goth.
by Laura September 05, 2004
A weird, frightening person with a hideous, satanic appearance. Love to wear black clothing (usually with chains) and makeup. Hair often tends to be NOT one of the four natural colors. They act like they're devil-worshippers and are really looking like that just to scare people away.
Shit, I can scare people away just by clenching my fists and having a pissed off expression on my face; I don't need to go looking like that. (see also carnies, circus freaks, anti-christ, satanic
by Ryan November 06, 2004
1. A Germanic peoples that likely originated as a minor ethnic group in Scandinavia and grew as they spread across Europe roughly two thousand years ago. Upon settling in areas around the Black Sea, they encountered the Roman Empire, and in the fourth century AD, sacked the city, putting the nail in the coffin for the mighty empire, and that was the end of that.

2. Short for 'gothic,' a musical and stylistic movement that came off the punk scene in the late 1970s with such bands as Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Popularity has waxed and waned since but the movement has remained intact to this day. Probably one of the most visually distinct subcultures around, characterized by a preference for dark clothing that is often influenced by Victorian, medieval and BDSM ascetics, among other things, and/or make-up, a pale complexion and some pretty interesting footwear. Since events like Columbine that sparked a witch hunt, goth culture has been accused of corrupting minors with Satanism, vampirism and violence. In truth, a great number of goths are actually intelligent, articulate and conscious people who, despite the foreboding appearance, are for the most part, more stimulating to be around than any of the varieties of chickenshit conformist that dominate the world today.

3. An angsty, angry suburban teenager who needs a great way to rebel against his or her unfair parents. What better way than with a Marilyn Manson t-shirt, a terrible black hair dye job and matching lipstick? Claiming to be 'gothic' because they listen to angry nu-metal bands like Slipknot and Korn, they often think their issues like drugs and self-mutilation contribute to their gawthick-ness. They will probably grow out of it in a few months and find something new to piss of their parents with. Until then, they'll just give the rest of us a bad name.
1. The hairy savages you see in your history book. See fall of Rome era.

2. People you might see wearing black velvet in the summertime, reading something darkly enlightening.

3. Might be the constantly scowling girl in a black Marilyn Manson t-shirt that can't apply her .99 cent Hot Topic black lipstick right, that sits in the back row and plays Manson on her headphones loud enough to annoy the adults.
by Seraphim's Rage March 19, 2004
Goth wear all black/

Fashion style they lack/

Dey walk around lookin wack/
some gay mofo on the street listenin 2 greenday.
goth are gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by RAPPER89 December 26, 2005
A person that :
1.) wears dark clothing
2.) has a dark sense of humor
3.) has tons of piercings
4.) is overall a very dark person
5.) knows the devil very well
6.) likes Tool, Drowning Pool, System of the Down, Marylin Manson,
7.) normal people do not understand
8.) can be a punk who wears black and white
9.) can sometimes be a vegan,
10.) suffer from bulemia at a young age
11.) likes to mess themselves up with drugs and booze
12.) has a morbid outlook on life

Alternate definition:
- one of those statues on old gothic cathedrals
"damn she looks like a goth"
"eeew you're putting ketchup on that, you're such a goth"
by SqueakyClean December 30, 2004
A Goth is someone who likes the darker side. Yet, they are not into death. They are interested in all types of pursuits. In literature, they tend to like way out phenomenon stories.
My son declared he was goth.
by Any1day November 11, 2015

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