Goths are non conformists. Meaning they do what normal people don't. Some people take it too litteraly though.
Im such a non conforming goth, im not going to wear black and have sputniks piercings everywhere.
by Jimberley Kim April 07, 2005
1. A member of a nomadic tribe which inhabited Europe at the time of the fall of the Roman Empire.

2. US vernacular for a faux-punky individual who takes pride in their image ad nauseam and thinks everyone else should have a similar image. Often they have large numbers of friends who look and think just the same and piss on those who are not in their group. They get their clothes from places which sell rubbish at huge prices. Therefore I firmly believe they can be dispensed with, for their image-over-substance led lifestyle is inimical to society.

See also prep.
1. "Ahhhh! The Goths are coming!!! Hide!"

2. "Pfft... Shurrup Bradley yer fuckin' gothic!!"
by KHD August 16, 2003
People who arent very emotional (basically opposite to emos) wear dark baggy clothing, often listen to heavy music, and are really good at Dance Dance Revolution. Not that bad people, alot of them are really good writers. Contrary to popular belief, goth was not created by 80s bands, but was invented in Germany in the late 60s. They were typically rebels who wore dark clothes and left there hair long, often shunning authority.
1. Wow that goth is kicking that emo's ass in DDR.
by redribbon555 December 10, 2006
Goths are not envy people, we don't hate everybody, most are writers, painters, poets, skateboarders, or in their own band. Most goths still wear black, studded jewerly, black eye liner, and bright makeup, skulls, snakes, Hot Topic, HIM, FOB, AFI, Pantera, some don't wear those maybe because sometimes Hot Topic can be expensive very much the goth look is money, so some have to go non-goth look but that doesn't mean they are not goth. Told by a friend I was told by a group I'm with that you are only goth at heart if you love talking of death in sad or sweet way, ghost loving, ninjas, vampires, werewolves, black, snakes, talking of pyschopaths, obessed about things on the dark side and that you don't have to dress goth to be one. Goths can be satanics (satanics also do not hate everyone, wear black or are haters of other churches or religious views they just think the good guy sucks, but that doesn't mean they don't love people or people that go to church, they just hate light proberly or angelical things or just hate the whole church idea) goths also can not be one but its not like they don't mention the Anti-Christ or devil or a demon once in awhile, goths tend to swear alot or have weird ways of talking. Goths love metal, emotive hardcore, punk, or a ruff band like Incubus, Pantera, FOB, My Chemical Romance etc. Also are very much like emos except they are not as emotional instead they are very happy and tend to be less about cutting or suicide thoughts but more on the topic of death but not killing themselves just being funny about death. Or about some Steven King movie or about a place that is haunted.
3: Goths usually believe in athesim, satanism, occults, witchcraft, orbs, ghosts, the whole afterlife, believe in a hell. Even tho each religion above has had ruff views and a past witchcraft just comes from the term wiccan which means :Mother nature or norishment to the earth, and really they only believe in the doctorine of healing, medicine, and provided good crop and fortune to nature they are not a devil's messenger or are gonna kill everyone, athesim well no comment but athiest's are very nice people, and ghosts well most goths say they love a certain haunted place or have seen a ghost and love the whole spooky thing. And satanism is from :Satan & a form of which, that yea most think they lit candles, perform an evil sconce, and so forth but really they also have been in the past to show that out of bad also comes good and good can sometimes be bad, and that some also interact with the church of Christ.
4: For example some back thru 1300 to 1800s believed that maybe satan was the brother of Christ in one scripture it foretold that he once was the highest angel and according to greek mythology that Zeus aka today referred also to Jesus his brother was Hades aka Satan and that they were the brothers with total enemies against each other. The eurines or winged beings are angel and the Defalurus the de-faulted or the failers that descened into She'Ol the old term for Hell or the underworld.
5: gothism is also from a german branch the gothic church
6: Gothism is referred also to Goti ghosts of the abyss
7: goth is a fashion started in somewhere in late 60s but spread in the 80s punk
9: Some just cannot comphrehend to think what goth is
"Gimme me shoes gosh damit, a ninja is not good without balance."

"I'm goth but I'm not so shallow"

"I am not goth"

"Goth people are hot"
by Waverly hills angel August 15, 2007
black wearing youths who also specialise in the art of wearing silver jewelary. They also have white skin and either purple or black lipstick and blackish eyes. They have black hair and are depressed. they travel in packs at night and ask 6 year olds to come and play with them.

Oxted masterpark after dark. BEWARE
Dark alleyways
Goth ville
Monaco dark parks and roof tops.
by black poppy May 07, 2007
A subculture pretty much composed of hopeless bums, the founder of which thought it would be super swell to name their fun little group after the music they liked which was named after, I don't know... say... a group of GERMAN INVADERS, and/or a style of architecture utilized in the late middle ages (Durham Castle is a prime example of diffusion between the Romanesque and Gothic styles, actually, but the pure style involves thin columns, pointed archways, many stained-glass windows (making the GOTHIC cathedrals very BRIGHT), all supported by flying buttresses. Heh, the Goths I define, not known particularly for expansive intellects, will laugh at that one.). They prize themselves in being dark, sensitive and artistic, but most importantly, NOT POPULAR. Damn those popular kids! Popularity is sooooo overrated. (Yes, they all secretly want to be popular but find they cannot because nobody actually likes them) And by all means, they are NOT poseurs. In fact, the people whom they detest most are poseurs. You know, people who try to be like them, but could never attain the glory that is... GOTH!

I'll tell you what. Wanna be a nonconformist? Spend your time at the library instead of slitting your wrists, clad in men's work shirts, ties and pocket-protectors. Maybe then you'll actually make something of yourself. And you don't have to be popular, either!
Regular, pretty cool, intellectual college student (mockingly): Hey, emo kid. When you get depressed, do you cut your wrists in every direction? Does singing songs about getting dumped give you an erection?

Nineteen-year-old "Gothic" college-dropout: LIEK ZOMGZ!!! I AM NOT EMO!! EMO KIDS ARE POSEURS!! *punches regular, pretty cool, intellectual college student*

Regular, pretty cool, intellectual college student: It's funny that you did that, because much to your chagrin, I actually have the education necessary to not only submit a complaint to the police department, but defend myself in your battery case! Too bad you spent your days in your dark, depressing oblivion drawing pretty pictures of bleeding unicorns, not taking advantage of your parents' tuition savings. Good luck!
by Lauren. December 31, 2005
A person who wears black clothes and says their life sucks when, what? Hardly anything is wrong with their life? "I have too much homework!" LIVE WITH IT! They think they're different, but in reality, they're just like all the other goths.
Anti-conformist goths are indeed conforming to their own social group shit.
by flyboy January 17, 2005

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