Goth=those fucking black clouds that think they are so totally depressed and fucked up that people will notice them. Usually they turn goth because 1)They have no friends 2) They are fucking ugly and decided to make the best of the situation 3) It's the latest trend. Goths fuck up the musical world for the rest of us that like death metal/black metal, because by listening to shit they don't even understand and trying to get noticed people automatically assume that death/black metal is as superficial and stupid as goth itself. Great bands such as Slayer, Arch Enemy, In Flames and Emperor are spoiled daily by these make up wearing freakshows. There is no such thing as a "real" goth. Edgar Allen Poe was a great writer, but not someone you can base your entire image on. In short, goths are posers that spoil music for the rest of us and should be burned.
Goths wear black, have several piercings, ridiculously overdone make-up and emanate fuckface rays.
the result of putting edgar allan poe in the blender with three dirty socks, a dead frog's penis, and a can of Raid.
gothic goth gothitude gothidaaaaaaaay
by skudge December 26, 2007
A subculture pretty much composed of hopeless bums, the founder of which thought it would be super swell to name their fun little group after the music they liked which was named after, I don't know... say... a group of GERMAN INVADERS, and/or a style of architecture utilized in the late middle ages (Durham Castle is a prime example of diffusion between the Romanesque and Gothic styles, actually, but the pure style involves thin columns, pointed archways, many stained-glass windows (making the GOTHIC cathedrals very BRIGHT), all supported by flying buttresses. Heh, the Goths I define, not known particularly for expansive intellects, will laugh at that one.). They prize themselves in being dark, sensitive and artistic, but most importantly, NOT POPULAR. Damn those popular kids! Popularity is sooooo overrated. (Yes, they all secretly want to be popular but find they cannot because nobody actually likes them) And by all means, they are NOT poseurs. In fact, the people whom they detest most are poseurs. You know, people who try to be like them, but could never attain the glory that is... GOTH!

I'll tell you what. Wanna be a nonconformist? Spend your time at the library instead of slitting your wrists, clad in men's work shirts, ties and pocket-protectors. Maybe then you'll actually make something of yourself. And you don't have to be popular, either!
Regular, pretty cool, intellectual college student (mockingly): Hey, emo kid. When you get depressed, do you cut your wrists in every direction? Does singing songs about getting dumped give you an erection?

Nineteen-year-old "Gothic" college-dropout: LIEK ZOMGZ!!! I AM NOT EMO!! EMO KIDS ARE POSEURS!! *punches regular, pretty cool, intellectual college student*

Regular, pretty cool, intellectual college student: It's funny that you did that, because much to your chagrin, I actually have the education necessary to not only submit a complaint to the police department, but defend myself in your battery case! Too bad you spent your days in your dark, depressing oblivion drawing pretty pictures of bleeding unicorns, not taking advantage of your parents' tuition savings. Good luck!
A clique of people viewed as many things, including whiny, artistic, brilliant, and scary. Hypocritically non-conformist, as the goths you see most of (supposedly posers) all wear clothes that were taken out of a burned down Hot Topic and share the same pessimistic attitude. Most of them probably have a great life and still bitch about how mean their parents are. They do not worship the Devil, I'll give them that. Worshiping the Devil is just something that extreme right wing politicians make up to make artists who speak their mind look bad.
Marilyn Manson is not a Goth.
More than half of the population of a school for the arts is probably Goths.
by Mat Marshall19808 August 15, 2005
"...morose subculture of Gothic fantasy."
bullet "They're basically outcasts, Gothic people, They're into anarchy. They're white supremacists and they're into Nostradamus stuff and Doomsday."

"Black trench coats are a consistent theme in the Gothic subculture that has attracted many teenagers to the poetry, music and costumes of a scene that ranges from benign fantasy to violent reality."

"Inspired by fantasy games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Gothic has become a fascination of many American high schoolers, some of whom simply dress and paint their fingernails black while others immerse themselves in a pseudo medieval world of dark images."

"Tuesday was Hitler's birthday, an occasion for demonstrations, mock funerals and other macabre commemorations among both neo-Nazis and parts of the Gothic scene."

Unusually bigoted,
Involved in illegal drugs,
Vampires or believe themselves to be vampires,
Musicians, painters, and other artists,
Computer programmers (although there seem to be a lot of them)
Wearers of black (some wear white and gunmetal),
Dyers of their hair,
Users of white makeup.

These are some of the stereotypes Goths have to deal with everyday, though some do fall into them.

In reality, Goth is in finding beauty in the most unexpected places, having knowledge and eloquence. There are many different types of Goths including Romantic Goth, Gothic Lolita(which I would fall under), Cyber Goth, Perky Goth, Glitter Goth, Fetish Goth, Industrial Goth, Ethereal, Mall Goths and many, many more.

Each has their own taste in clothing and music, but we all have the same general sense of dark beauty.

People seem to see us as morose and disturbed, they degrade us by seeing one supposed Goth doing something damnable(the ones like this are generally Poser Goths with no idea about our subculture.) and assume we're all into that. It's wrong, that's like saying all preppies are snobs or all jocks only think about sex. We don't hate people who are different from us on the outside, we aren't sadists or masochists, we are normal people who dress a certain way, listen to some sort of music and look for beauty in all things, we are the way we are because we are comfortable with it. It's upsetting to see the way people are towards us and their misconceptions. Also, those of you who talk about how we're whinny, depressed, and cut ourselves, you're thinking emo. We are not emo and calling a true Goth emo is like calling a girl a boy, it's idiotic and wrong.
Here are some examples of things I have gone through as a goth, before and during my Gothic Lolita days.

I walk down the hall of my school and go to my locker, but soon am surrounded by the ignorant youths that inhabited said educational establishment.
"Hey, freak!" one would shout, pushing me into my locker.
I turn around and ask them to leave me alone.
"No! You baby killing Satan worshiper." the leader accused, "I'm a Christian. I can't leave until you repent of your sins, if you don't, you'll go to Hell."
This would be where I smile sarcastically.
"Well, aren't you a great Christian." my sarcasm ends and begins and my voice then holds a tone full of anger, "Look, I'm a Christian myself, and this isn't a very Christlike thing to do, so why don't you move and let me get to class."
By that time my friends had seen what was going on and moved in, due to the number of them, both Goth and not, they ran.

In another instance, a group of friends and I were walking to another's house. We were soon stopped by a group of wigger kids.
"Oh, look at the baby eating freaks." one heckled followed by the laughter of his friends.
"F*** any dead bodies lately?"
By this time, I was clearly annoyed.
"What's you're problem, poser? Have we done anything to you?" I questioned, barely keeping myself from hitting them.
"Oh, it looks like the little girl has the balls." he reached into his pocket, more than likely for a knife, so I, in turn, leaned down to my boot, where I always kept a small blade.
"Look, losers," my sixteen year old male friend started, "why don't you go get a life and leave us alone."
He grabbed my arm and shoved his way through the group, our two friends on our tails.
"by the way," called my friend, a fifteen year old female, "if you want to talk to a baby eater, try *****"
(The name was censored for reasons.)

I have had many more instances similar to those, all having to do with ignorant baboons.
by Jewel[GothicLoli] November 18, 2007
People who express their individuality and dislike of societies conventions by, ironically, rebelling in the same way. They conform to a gothic convention of wearing black clothes, black makeup and having an even blacker outlook on life. These conventions are often enforced by a group mentality even stronger than the one they claim to oppose. Also an old tribe from Europe - but that is lost on many who call themselves goth because listening in ancient history class is definately not cool for a goth
Newbie Goth: Can I be a goth and wear colorful clothes?
Elder Goth: No!!! Only weird black clothes are allowed to express your individuality!
Newbie Goth: I dont get it?
by J a y February 27, 2006
Goths stand for everything that is not prep, we stand for death, we stand for hate, we stand for the darkness in life and we live to make that darkness overwhelm everything and everyone while preps stand for the blissful ignorance in life, blind content and stupidly believing every thing will be alright. Us goths dont nessacarily hate preps we just hate their ignorance and how much crap they start. preps hate how different we are, to them we are an imperfection in their seemingly perfect ignorant life and they hate how we make them think about life, how we actually make them think, "why do they do the things they do? is there something about all this that i'm missing?". Us goths simply seek to tear down your life and make you see life isnt a happy little playground where ocasionally you might get a scraped knee, we want you to know death is everywhere and your not immune to it, in fact your even more susceptible to it. goths enjoy darkness and everything evil. we wear black because we simply want to wear black. We dont fear death and that makes us stronger. we dont squirm away from a challenge, we look at it and think "what is the best way to solve my problem?". we, goths, are everything and nothing.
Prep:Why are you so evil?

Goth: i'm not nessacarily evil, i'm the endless amount of tortured souls. i represent destruction, hate and everything that comes with it.

Prep: (freaked out) ..what do you mean?

Goth: Hahaha have you ever wondered why?

Prep: why what?

Goth: no, just why...

Prep: i dont understand

Goth: yes you do. you just refuse to see it...(walks away)

Prep: (stands there shaking, trying to forget what had just happened in hopes that he can go on with his ignorance in peace)
by Alex AKA Azagroth February 03, 2007
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