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A loser with no personality who listens to Slipknot.. Most fans of what people consider real goth bands like Christian Death, etc, and goth metal like Paradise Lost, don't go around trying to use wearing all black as an excuse for having no personality. Goth's dress generally in all black and for some fucked up reason enjoy to indulge in depression. Thousands of goth fags are replying to this thread saying, real goth's don't listen to Slipknot, etc, but that's bullshit. A typical goth listens to Slipknot because they think their underground and original, dress in all black just because all the other "goth"'s do and have nearly no social lives. They choose not to associate themselves with preps, skaters (not the ones who own a skateboard and think their good cause they can ollie and maybe shuv it in the grass or while not moving.. real skaters), sane metalheads (Black metal fags they tend to like.. Not Celtic Frost, etc, fans, but Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, etc fags. Metalheads with a decent taste in music like Malmsteen, Exodus, Overkill, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Blind Illusion, Rush, Angel Witch, Death, etc, usually are too "conformist" for them cause they choose not to dress in all black and "rebel" against everything that is minimally popular, mainstream, etc).

There is no such thing as real goths. It's bullshit they came up with just so they could look like "rebels". Goths are pathetic, hypocritical, voids of personality.

And IMO, it's much less homo-erotic to just listen to what music you like (for me it's anything from jazz like John Scofield and Coltrane/jazz-rock fusion like Dark Hall and At War With Self, to mainstream alt. rock/metal like Alice In Chains, REM and System of a Down to metal like Overkill, Sceptic, Vader, Paradox, Testament and Helloween.. And anything from any other genre that I like), wear what you like (and no, all black with 4 pounds of chains thrown in isn't creative) and just do whatever the fuck you want (like Cliff Burton sai.d "Control your life through insanity")
Goth 1: Dude, look at my new black pants I bought this weekend.. They only cost $240... Fight the system man..

Goth 2: I know, why can't people just understand that we're individuals that enjoy expressing ourselves in the least creative way possible and listening to music that is horrible and talentless (which for some reason makes it original and unique)..

Goth 1: Deep.
by Shmeer October 10, 2006

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