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goths, in a word, fake. They pretend to try and be different from everyone, saying that everyone else is just a clone. However, all of them dress similar, (black clothing, spikes, died hair) and act similar. So, they are in fact, they themselves clones. They pretend like nobody likes them and they have no friends, but it is only because they dress strangley and are reclusive that it is that way. They bring everything upon themselves.

Additionally, they have no idea what they want in life. They wish not be noticed by everyone else in their school yet they dress differently and can be easily picked out of a crowd...kind of counter productive eh. If they knew what they wanted, they would not be different and weird, rather they would be like everyone else. They are hipocritical as they think that normal society is composed of people who act and look the same, while all they do is dress, act, and think the same way...so who, in reality, are the clones.
Tom: hey you wanna buy a collared shirt
Jeff:no way, everyone has one
Tom: alright, lets go dress like the freaks in the corner and wear all black
Jeff: YEAH
by tyscar August 05, 2005
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