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1) the black guy who gets in a fight and then ends up shooting a white dude.
2) the guy whos in a gang is referred as a gangster.
3) the culture in which everyone is dumb as shit, carry around guns they cant aim with, and where their pants down to their knees.
4) the thugs of the world
1) Anchor: Tonight in KC/MO several shots were fired in a gang fight. one man was killed.
Audience: That guy is soo gangsta/

2) Yo gangsta we hit the club tonight.

3) Oh man look at that gansta. He is snazzed up in those jeans.

4) Damn gangstas, robbin our convinient store again.
by rednblue13 June 15, 2008
the people who stand out and have their own styles and are usually rejected out of society.

goths are not freaks, suicidle, or scary

they are REAL people. most are not posers.

although i know this i do not know weather they give a shit about their label or not.

i personally think labels are stupid and immature.
Prep: Oh my god what a freak. Shes like a goth.
Prep 2: She looks scary lets leave. She might pull a knife on us or something.
by rednblue13 June 15, 2008

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