Ive just been reading this column...I'm not a goth...More of a heavy I guess. Most of these "categories" you're all making don't mean anything. Goth is just a stupid label given to us by chavs -see chav-. They try to use it as an insult to us but really it's merely a compliment to our creative styles and fashions, as opposed to buying a pair off adidas trainers because we saw a bloke on t.v. wearing them. Goth's exist...but they are rare and few. Categories don't exist. If you consider yourself a goth, then unfortuantely yes...you may be a poser, but to the rest of you... "Stop categorising us" and to any chavs out there..."..i. II ,i.." Go f**k yourselves.
-Urban dictionary know it all's post-
"I hereby declare there are four types of goth...*random ranting about life and polotics which are relatively unrelated to the subject* I declare you all wannabe's, I AM the only true goth around...*hobbles off with terrible limp from being so far up his own arse*
-Random dude browsing the forums-
"Dude...let people live how they want...and stop telling people what they are or aren't. Isn't that the fundaments of being who we are...which means...You aren't a real goth! HAH!"

-Random event and personal true story-
Chav:"Yo mosh, wot fuck ya fink ur doin?"
Mosher:"Simply going home dude...i'm not looking for
Chav:"Ye am truble bruv', n ur innit"
(Mosher can't help but smile at this comment)
Chav:"Wtf u say bout ma famly?!"
Mosher:*realising he's going to be attacked and beaten
whatever he says next* "I said bend over and I'll
do you like your dad does...bruv"
Mosher wakes up stiff from bruising yesterdays and smiles as he remembers his line and silently mouths:"That was so worth it"
by Flux Kid July 31, 2006
"Goths" are generally people who conform to a wide range of black-centric fashion conventions, and listen to dark styles of music. It's a terribly ambiguous label that applies to an immense amount of people. The label is inherently invalid, and is almost always pejoratively/humorously used these days, except by teenagers describing themselves. This usage is dying quickly. Teenagers are no longer interested in the "Gothic" subculture. At one point, there was a clear definition of who you can or can't label as Goths - it meant people who dressed in black, often dyed their hair black or some bright color, and listened to certain kinds of music. There's no longer a clear definition. Goths traditionally are considered to have a nihilistic outlook on life. In my experience, the people labelled as "Goths" are generally more intellectual, and more down-to-earth than most people. Also, in my experience, they're also often frighteningly normal, in the areas where it counts, by comparison to most people who dress normally and listen to pop music. When I was 17, i'd have proudly declared myself a Goth, but now, i'm 22, and with time i've found that there's significantly more to me. I dress how I feel at any given moment, I still dye my hair black. My shoes are combat boots, though i've never been in the military. I listen to Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, etc. I'm a socialist. I'm a nihilist in the philosophical/existential sense. The label is easily applied to me. But, one of the greatest characteristics of people labelled as "Goths" is that we generally don't like to use the term for ourselves. These days i'd take it as a pejorative term. Often confused with the equally ambiguous/pointless term "Emo".
"Goth" 1: I like to read Nietzsche, and listen to Nine Inch Nails, and wear lots of black, simplistic clothing. My hair is nothing special, and I wear black makeup.

"Goth" 2: I like to wear flowing dresses, and often I listen to Switchblade Symphony, Rasputina, and occasionally am known to listen to something entirely out of character like the backstreet boys.

"Goth" 3: I just wear whatever I want, often it's black, sometimes there's metal in it. I listen to a wide variety of music, because I like it. Just because I listen to Manson, does not mean i'm as single-minded as he is. I also have great respect for classic rock.

"Goth" 4: liek OMG i went to hot topic and bought this uber my chemical romance shirt, and some pink bondage pants! i like to wear candy bracelets and dye my hair blonde and pink, but i pretend to have some sort of "dark" attitude, and have some intelligence and depth

these are all "goths" -
see how wide the scope of such a label is?
by Mr. Pwnage June 01, 2006
A darker culture that can be anything you make it. Some impose guidelines, and other sad, decrepit, pathetic creatures try to follow those guidelines, but in essence, most 'goths' revolve around the basics of wearing dark clothing and being non-Christian. Marilyn Manson is not NECESSARILY goth, and neither is black metal. They could be considered goth, they could be considered not. It is entirely up to the beholder.
Ladies, you do not have to color your tampons black to be a goth.
by T.J. Gupton January 13, 2006
Goth is not a label. Goth is a real culture that expresses the beauty in darkness and morbidity. Goths usually wear all black, the color of their soul. They don't just wear anything black, the black clothes are more unique and elegant. Some Goths go beyond the black clothes and they wear thick eyeliner and black lipstick. Some make their faces white like a ghost and dye their hair unnatural colors. Goths can be Satan worshippers, Atheists, Christians, Pagans, Wiccans, or any religion. There are some people who give Goths a bad name and other Goths call them posers, but that is simply not true. In a garden, though some vegetables may be rotten, that doesn't mean they aren't vegetables. And as for Goths and non-conformity, what does Goth have to do with non-conformity??? If people join the Gothic Culture just because they want to be non-conformists then that is a very bad reason to become Gothic. People can be Gothic and still be individuals. I'm a Goth and I'm also an individual and I don't try to be different because there isn't any point in it. And Goths aren't all attention seekers. Many of us just feel comfortable looking a certain way, even if we have thick, pointy eyeliner and black lipstick, a pale face, and green hair. Not all Goths are angst-filled morons who have their mind set on blowing up their school. Alot of Goths don't even go to school; there are many adult Goths as well as teens. And I hate the word poser. People call other Goths posers to make themselves feel good. It's name calling, that's all it is, and it's very puerile. Calling someone a poser is definitely a form of bullying and it needs to be stopped.
I am a Goth because Goth is my soul.

I hate it when Goths get called Satan worshippers and it's not true and instead of just saying "I'm not a Satan worshipper" they go and say something negative about people who truly worship Satan.

I am a Satan worshipping Goth.
by Satan-worshipping Goth December 23, 2005
1)A Goth is a fan of gothic rock who looks the part. If you spend all your money on the fashion but still don’t listen to the music, or if you spend all your money on the music but still don’t look the part, then you aren’t a Goth. Goth is not a “state of mind”. Goths do not listen to black metal, worship the devil, or are suicidal/homicidal. Sadly, there are people who will actually follow these stereotypes(posers).

2)Goth is a style of music and fashion that started in the late 1970's/early 1980's as an offshoot of punk. In reality, goths aren’t any more “dark” than mundanes (average people). It has vertually nothing to do with being different, depressed, suicidal or the word “gothic”.

The first band to be called Goth was Joy Division when their music was described as “20th century gothic dance music”. After that, this style of music was called “gothic rock”, which really had nothing to do with the ancient Germanic tribe, The Goths, Gothic architecture, or the Gothic period. Then there was Siouxsie and the Banshees(who were actually a punk band), whose look and sound was immitated by various future Goth bands. Bauhaus was probably the first actual Goth band. Their song “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”(which is the ultimate Goth theme song) came out on the soundtrack of The Hunger, a vampire movie featuring David Bowie in ’79. Following Bauhaus were other early Goth bands like Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Dead Can Dance, Rosetta Stone, etc.

While Goth was more inspired by Glam, Deathrock(which was also happening at the time) was more inspired by horror-punk. Some early Deathrock bands include Christian Death, Alien Sex Fiend, 45 Grave, and Specimen(who opened the popular club The Batcave).

In the 1990’s when Goth was first popularized, there came a little band called Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. This is basically what started the “mallcore” thing. A mall Goth is someone who wears baggy black clothes/shops at hot topic, hangs out at the mall, wears horrible looking makeup and listens to bands like Manson, Korn, Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, The Birthday Massacre, etc. Basically a poser. This is also the time when Industrial, Cyber Goth and Rivithead got big. Things that were called Goth were straying more and more from what it truly was.

Some sub-genres of Goth(a few that I’ve already mentioned above) include deathrock, batcave, gothabilly, darkwave, EBM, ambient, ethereal, post-punk, etc.
Some popular Goth aesthetics include Romantigoth, Cyber Goth, Rivithead, Deathrocker, Gothabilly, and Classic Goth.
1)Oh my god, you have to see Carey's new Gothy haircut, she looks like Siouxsie Sioux.

2)Check out this new Goth band, they sound like Frank the Baptist.
by Lace Lachrymose November 27, 2005
1. The goth subculture originally evolved in the late '70s and early '80s out of the punk subculture.
goth bands: Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Alien Sex Fiend, Specimen

2. There are also sad little teens who listen to metal and consider themselves 'goth', but all they are are metalheads who happen to like the colour black and truly have no knowledge of what the goth scene came from.
NON-goth bands: Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, HIM, Marilyn Manson

3. Also non-goth are cybergoths (aka gravers, which is short for goth + raver), although they are sometimes incorrectly labeled goth. But most do tend to realise they are not goth and identify more with the industrial subculture.
cybergoth bands: VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Icon of Coil, Razed in Black
1. The goth backcombed his hair before going out to get more of that 80s' goth look.

2. The teenager shopped at Hot Topic and bought some baggy pants and a Cradle of Filth t-shirt in an attempt to be a "goth". Unfortunately, he failed.

3. The cybergoth had neon green hair extensions and danced to VNV Nation.
by gother than thou...j/k July 09, 2005
A completely misunderstood fashion genre.

It is thought to be about "no one understanding", wearing all black and a lot of make up.

Goth (the fashion genre) originally was based on death. It's followers found death fasinating which is why they wear all black. They also add many skull and cross accessories (and other death-related items). Goths are the opposite of the "Emo" fashion genre, the goths being calm and the emos being ridiculously flamboyant.
Person A: Have you ever seen a real goth?
Person B: No, I've only seen smelly kids wearing all black and not showering.
by RegretedDreams November 24, 2011

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