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Goth and Emo are basically the same thing. There are the posers and the real ones. The posers will completely conform to the stereotype because they think it is cool. They will dress in a fashion of what they see depicted on the internet. The real ones will just create their own style because they don't like conformism. They see beauty in the darker side of life. What is a rose without thorns?
Real Goth/Emo: That kids a poser
Other Real Goth/Emo: yeah. He's just doing it because he thinks it is cool
by xxThatDudexx November 25, 2011
Wanna be stereotype emo's. Mostly call themselves emo. They normally really piss us off. They just try to be emo because they think it is cool. 3/4ths of the stuff at Hot Topic is for scene kids
That kid is so scene
by xxThatDudexx November 25, 2011
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