The word Goth has been used to describe several things over the years many of which are completely idiotic, whereas others are completely legitimate but surprising nonetheless.

A) The original Goths were an ancient East Germanic Scandinavia tribe. The Goths eventually split into two groups after migrating towards the Baltic Sea: The Visigoths and The Ostrogoths.
Though at one point in time the term Goth was used to describe barbarians (as that is what The Visigoths were famous for) that term is no longer used. Another import fact; neither the Visigoths or the Ostrogoths had their own religion, they were Germanic paganism and Arianism. Implication: Goth is not a religion.

B) Goth was also an old architectural style which began in the 12th century. (An example of this style is St. Denis Abbey or Westminster Abbey)

C) Goth can also used to describe literature. Gothic literature was dark romantic dating back to the 1700's. Two of the possibly most notable authors from the time were Edgar Allen Poe, and Mary Shelley.

D) The most common usage of the word Goth however is the description of a fan of Goth Rock and a member of the subculture. The subculture began primarily with the release of Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus though some beg to differ and say bands such as Joy Division and The Mission outdate Bauhaus. To belong to the gothic subculture appreciation of the music is essential, while there is more to the subculture than just the music, many people fail to realize that someone fashion choice or attitude does not necessarily make them Goth.
Man those Visigoths sure were barbaric.
Goth! architecture is so beautiful.
I was reading The Fall of the House of Usher the other day, man was that Goth.
Yesterday I ran into my friend, sometimes she's such a pretentious Goth.
by Consequentially November 11, 2006
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I hate all you steriotpyical bastards! I am gothic, I do not hate everyone. I DO NOT WEAR MAKE UP! I do not think im a vampire, i do not worship satin, i do not hate people because they dont dress "goth" i do not hate preps just because they are preps. People just see a kid wearing all black clothes and chains and stuff like that and they all think "omfg! its a santin worshiper!" thats really dumb. Because all the goths I know are WAY cooler and nicer than the prepy kids I know. So stop being so god damn steriotypical before i go "GOTHIC" on you and suck your blood!
Gothic people are just people that enjoy listening to GOOD music. Even though they dont dress "normal" they tend to think more normal than your average american.
woo go gothic culture
by the guy that shot 50 cent March 26, 2005
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a subculture known for unusual dress and tastes. black is usually the color of choice. there are different kinds of goths. cyber goths are known to wear more futuristic clothes and have multi colored hair (which is oftentimes worn in dreads). romantic goths are the "original". they dress usually in black with dark makeup. goths are known to appreciate the unique genres of music. electronica, new wave, industrial, ebm, and classical being most popular. many are considered to be above normal in intelligence and are often extremely contemplative in nature.
examples of music : depeche mode, new order, the cure, orgy, visage, duran duran, missing persons, combichrist, kmfdm, nine inch nails, bauhaus, joy division (post punk, but ian curtis' dark vocals put the band in a "gothic" category) nick cave and the bad seeds....all examples of true gothic music.

examples of clothes : thrift store finds. as stated earlier, oftentimes black. lacey, antique looking gloves and shirts. doc maertens. thigh high black boots. bats, graves, ghosts are common jewelry themes. dark and unusual.

i identify myself as goth, so ask me some questions and i will answer to the best of my ability.

by Euphemia November 27, 2006
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Along with some history thingy about Vikings or another. Goth is a shallow label stuck onto some consumerist subculture originally cultivated as an architectural design, but has grossly mutated into a fashion statement for slightly alienated teens (and occasionally adults).

I have read a lot of these definitions, and most of them define the "true" goth and the "wannabe" goth. Let me just say this:

There is no difference.

It doesn't matter if someone spends $500 a week on mass-manufactured Hot Topic merchandise, or sits in their room for hours reading nihilist literature and/or casting spells from Barnes and Noble spellbooks. There is no label for it.

And no, there aren't different "subcategories" of the "goth" sphere. There are those that call themselves "goth", but how are they worse than those who call themselves "true" goths? Why not just be yourself and to hell with the labels?

There is no point saying "Most are teenage losers who need to validate themselves with fashion, but I, of course, am a true GOTH." It makes you sound just as arrogant and presumptuous.

Shop at Hot Topic, Abercrombie and Fitch, Value Village, wherever, just...

Don't bother categorizing everything, most especially fashion statements.
Wannabe: "I dress in black all the time and listen to Cradle Of Filth."

True: "I wear darker colors, most often black and medieval styles, and like to study philosophy and art. Wannabes suck."

Me: "I dress in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, black, white, silver, and all colors and 'styles' in between. Is an emergency vest 'gothic'? My friends are the same ways, so give up the labels.
by Bumpy January 14, 2005
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Goth is a kind of cultural movement, or anti-cultural even. They do not drink blood or sacrafice small children, nor do they eat bats and wear pvc and pale make up all the time.
Goths separate themselves from popular trends and fads only to find that goth itself is becoming a trend fast, goths aren't what they used to be.
Goths are cool, but theyr'e falling into the trap of cultural imitation.
by Citezen:Erased April 08, 2005
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goth is a subculture that grew out of the punk culture in the 80s.

i will agree with non-goths in that most goths are very evasive when it comes to defining the term "goth." i will also agree with them in that "goths" who simply whine and make fun of non-"goths" are pricks. most "goths" don't really know what it means to be goth.

the gothic period (late 1700s-1800s) was a period of the "sublime." rather than look for skin deep beauty in something, the gothics would look for intellectual or moral value. for example, they would prefer a battered old castle staircase to a sparkling new marble staircase because the old one has more character.

the TRUE goths of today are named this way because they follow this thought pattern of looking for the thought-provoking instead of the aesthetic. why revel in the darker side of life? "sinister" things (i.e., death, fate) provide more food for thought than pretty things (i.e., blue skies, love).

thinking in this rather morbid way usually results in the true goth being rather satirical. SOMETIMES they may be withdrawn and maybe a little snide, but this is because knowledge is a burden.

the pseudo-goth (the one everyone thinks of when they hear "goth"; bear in mind, i do NOT consider these people goth) is some middle school douche who shops at hot topic and listens to music in the gothic genre (i.e., bauhaus) whether or not they actually like the music. they are quick to judge people and make fun of them every chance they get.

then theres the TRUE goth (like me). we think in the manner of the people of the aforementioned gothic period. some of us are "artsy" simply because we can express our knowledge so freely in it. we don't *neccessarily* shop at hot topic (though they have some cool shirts) and we don't *neccessarily* listen to goth music/death metal (i like pink floyd & queen). we are intellectuals.

most of us are pretty nice. many goths are outcasts in some perspective, so they are often receptive to people who need a friend.
fake goth (aka valley girl goth): like, oh my goth, gag me with a crucifix! i got this bauhaus shirt because ellen and julia and megan and paula have it! i'm so individual! i wish i knew what bauhaus was...

real goth (like me): ...style doesn't make a goth; your thought process is most important
by unusu-al October 03, 2004
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I am a goth, but I do not fit into most of those categories!

*cut myself
*drink blood
*hang round in cemeteries
*wear nothing but black
*wear black and white make-up 24/7
*listen to "goth" music 24/7
*hate people because they don't dress like me
*have any of the same clothes as my friends
*always go to goth pubs and drink anything red
*worship Satan
*have every possible part of myself pierced or tattooed

*eat meat, junk food & any other kind of food I can
*wear lip gloss sometimes and a bit of eyeliner
*go to "normal" pubs and drink wkd Blue
*have many types of friends: goths, trendies, townies, emos
*have a leather trenchcoat (but no, i do not agree with the so called "trenchcoat Mafia")
*sometimes wear blue, or red, or purple
*hate people that can't accept that everyones the same: if you skin a goth, skin a townie, skin a gay person or skin a coloured person, they are all the same underneath.

Its not the clothes or the music I hate, its the attitude of the people.
Walking to the shop whilst wearing a leather trenchcoat:-

"townie": "oi, Matrix"
me: "hmmmmm, right"

Being a white female and all:-

"townie": oh my god, you're Blade, innit?"
me: "not seeing the distinction between me and a very tall, muscly, black guy"
"townie": "hahaha, its Blade"

this is the funniest one though

Walking with my boyfriend through the local fair to get to the pub:-

"townie girl 1": paedophile, goficks, satanists
"townie girl 2": oi, you goficks
Us: yes??
Townie girls: Why's u goficks? dus you like cutting yourselves and drinking blood and stuff?
Us: no, why?
Townie girls: why's u goficks?
Us: why are you townies?
Townie girls: we ain't no fucking townies, we's casual!
Us: you look like townies to us, its all about your attitude, anyways, why are we goths?
Townie girls: coz you wearing black
me: but your wearing a black cardigan, does that make you a goth?
<townie girls look at each other for a while>
townie girls: we aint goficks.

At that point we were laughing too much and had to leave! i got bored of them and tuned out, lol
by Gothicmidnight_isle of wight January 07, 2005
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