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Full name is "The Cruxshadows". Darkwave band from the early 90's. Lead singer and founder of the band is Rogue. Rachel is the violinist. They have various programming and keyboarding people and a few dancers that preform on stage. Record label is Dancing Ferret Discs. Abbreviation is CXS.
"Marilyn, My Bitterness" is The Cruxshadows most famous song.
by Chastity December 25, 2005

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Good Dark wave band, the lead singer is Rouge and rest of the members leave to often, so there is no reason to list them. The Umpteen thousand remixes get annoying after awhile.
Cruxshadows is like Nickleback... Except Nickleback has different lyrics to same beats, and Cruxshadows has same lyrics to different beats.
by w00nky January 08, 2005