When one is in some much pain (typically sore from fencing) that it feels as though the area that is painful has been cut opened and is then fucked like nobody's business.
As Jake and I walked up the stairs after practice are quads were so sore from Taro's footwork that it felt as though we had been gory holed.
by Peanut Butter/ O Bitch August 05, 2007
Vagina during menstruation, particularly as it relates to sexual intercourse
"Dude, I'm so horny I'm gonna hit up the gory hole"
"My girl's on the rag, but she offered up the gory hole"
by Tricky Fish June 13, 2011
When a gloryhole goes wrong and the defendant is detected, resulting in an aggravated assault with a meat cleaver or machete.
Sorry, I can't provide an example because the definition itself is making me cringe.
by El Barto June 27, 2004
A flesh wound created for a sexual act in which one member cuts a slice into their willing partner's flesh then proceeds to pentrate the wound with their tongue, finger, penis, or toe.
"This wound wasn't really an accident. My girlfriend gave me a Gory Hole last night, and it's still very tender."
by alaska! December 15, 2006

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