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Gorgonzola is a sort of catch phrase used when cock blocking. It is typically said in one of 3 ways;

1) Just before the cock blocking.

2) Just after the cock blocking.

3) When surprising someone through the act of cock blocking. When in this form, it is said in a loud raspy voice.

It originates from the cheese and town of the same name. Strangely, however, there is no link to these original definitions other than the name.
Thirsty Male: "Hey, baby. Did you sit on a pile of sugar? Cuz you got a sweet a--"

*Man jumps out from bushes*

by N.K.R.T-SSL October 21, 2014
A chicks rack. Usually describes a really nice rack.
Dude! Did you see Barbara's gorgonzolas??!?! I wanna bury my face in them!
by legalize_it January 15, 2010
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