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Someone who is more gorgeous than a gorgeous person..Gorgeouser
Gabriella Haslam-Gorgeouser..ehe ily
by LucyyyylovesGabriella December 21, 2011
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to be more gorgeous than somebody who you think is pretty or handsome
dude 1: wow she is way gorgeouser than u dude

dude 2: i know she is... wait what?
by pedrotheawesome December 29, 2010
Being more gorgeous than gorgeous itself
all Kristins are Gorgeous-er than all Ashleys in the world
by ILikeZebras. August 04, 2010
A word which best describes someone who is beyond gorgeous
You really are gorgeouser yvette despite the fact that you came up with the word
by shxyy_ January 13, 2014

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