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Serbian word for a sexy, fine ass man! Usually hot Serbian guys have this name.
Goran is the hottest guy! Volim te sreco!!!
by Njegova Malena October 03, 2005
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The most geourges man in the world, SexAy eruope boy. Hes da biggest pimp around. Omg dat tyte arse hes got, cute lips, those sexy lips, SEXY ABS!!!!OMG OMG!!!! when i get the goeurage to ask him out, id sleep with him anytime ANYWHERE!!! OMG GORAN IF YOUR READING THIS I LUV YOU!!! MARRY ME!!
OMG SEXY ERUOPEAN BOY!!! I'd do him even if he had aids OMG SO SEXY, 10x sexier den Usher OMGG
by Maria March 03, 2005
Likes Hot women.... Like himself....
by sexy and gorgeous February 22, 2003
a weird animal
Gøran is an old creature, a prehistoric creature still living today.doesnt take no for a no,just does it his own way..can also be dangerous,and loves men.can be found on the dance floor luring men in for his next prey.
by sweexy August 19, 2011
Quite possibly the ugliest creature to ever exist in this world.
Goran is just really fucking ugly
by LegitDefinitions December 06, 2010
A big gay who is a ultimate glory supporter and dosnt have a clue about anything
Goran Benko is the biggest goran around
by Haere October 24, 2007
height- 5'11"
hobbies-shooting cows
eat his pet duck on accident he didnt know that it was his duck but his grandma made it as soup and he noticed the next day
by Anonymous January 21, 2003

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