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A city that is a suburb of Boston (not a town, a city because of its form of government.) It does in fact have a large Jewish population and many of the inhabitants are middle or upper middle class. But it is a good city with a great public school system and is the safest city in America. Its schools and city programs have great sports (Newton North High School won an award for its basketball team in the 2005-2006 season.)
Newton Massachusetts is divided into many towns, Nonantum being one that has a large Italian population.

If you live in Newton, you can get to Boston very quickly
by Smart, Sane, Super great March 21, 2006
Newton: City mostly filled with white jewish people.
South side of Newton: A whole other story!
Newton South kids first cars range from bmw's to acura's to benz's. In order to 'fit in' your shirt must cost more then $40 and your pants must cost atleast $60.
Newton South kids are the true definition of Jewish American Princes/Prince.
by Annonymous February 16, 2005
A Rich City locacated close to Boston that is large enough to be a state, and is inhabited by mostly white people.
A shirt in Newton 80.00 bucks
by Sarah November 25, 2004
A rich snobby city located 15 minutes from boston. The majority of people are white and the ones that aren't should be considered white. An average day in the life of a "newtonite" is spent by using their daddy's credit cards and doing drugs. Everyone in newton owns more than one house and about 5 cars. The daily uniform is northface and uggs, no matter the weather for girls. The dress code for guys is a preppy polo (a known label, polo, lacoste) and khaki's. All the kids cosider themselves gods gift to the world which their mothers reinforce that idea. There's no such thing as a bad grade, because their mommy's and daddies get them out of it.
Girl: Can i have the history homework?

Guy: Ohh, no i didn't do it, there's no reason to. My mom's having an affair with the teacher so i get A's anyways.

Girl: Really? Because i thought my dad was!
by Cameron Jayne April 29, 2005
Newton Massachusetts is a totally pathetic city that thinks that its too cool for the rest of the world. You can't get by in Newton without owning all clothes from abricrombie, having a different pair of solows for every day in the year, at least 6 pairs of uggs and a bunch of northface jackets. Everyone goes to national jean with their daddy's credit cards everyday of the week.
Clasic Newton Massachusetts Slogan:Abricrombie for life!
by NEWTONITE! January 12, 2006
newton is a city which borders brookline. Brookline is better in newton. newton is snobby.
Let's go to Newton Massachusetts and have a gay time.
by alex koz October 12, 2006
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